Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bosal #3 Mecate Pictured Not Included
Bosal #1


After a couple of years search for a very high artist quality Kangaroo Bosal to add to my special bosal and bosalita collection, I recently got lucky and located 3 in which I purchased. I only want to keep one and have sold one already so any one interested in either of the ones in the photos above , I will sell one.

They are 42 plait, by artist Chauca. Each are of medium flexibility, raw hide core with rawhide accents, 5/8" diameter.

Bosal#3 photo measures inside 11 3/8" by 5 3/4"

Bosal#1 photo measures 11 3/8" by 5 1/2"

Price is $500.00 plus $14.80 for insurance and shipping

For more info or questions you can e-mail me at lizgraves@centurytel.net or call at 507-346-2422


Monday, September 28, 2009

Bovine Illuminus
Getting A Little Freaked Out Over Bones!
Seems the photo of Sissy in her toy pile has created a bit of a stir with the bones seen in the background,. So to share with you fully, is the photo above of a one of a kind piece of art work created by renowned artist Mark Knie.
This is a lamp he titled "Bovine Illuminus" which he gifted us this spring made from cow bones and we feel so honored to be the recipient's of such a special gift in that he has been offered many times by his clientele to purchase this specific piece of his but he felt it needed a special home.
So with that explanation, it is not bones of a horse but yes Dave and I are both very passionate researchers and very much so when it comes to bio-mechanics and locomotion of the horse.
Yes because of this you can find us prepping and rebuilding skeletons of horses in our research, but that's how we can provide fact and break myths as to what poor care and Horsemanship can inflict upon our beloved horses.
Prepping and rebuilding horse legs to market to farriers to use as an aid to teach their clientele is one of the main means in which I funded my tuition for my equine sciences collage so many years ago now.
To finish this topic out let me, yes confirm the rumor is true that I am composting my long time equine partner 'Bubba" to rebuild when the composting process is finished.
I am nervous about what I will find when this project is done as every horse tells us a story to their lives in use , so any thing revealed through my training and use of him through his many years with me will be told in what we find but it will also be lessons for myself and I am the one solely responsible for anything that is revealed in his skeleton.
My life has been dedicated to teaching horses and people and bring honest facts through teaching and share with the folks out their interested.
Anyone interested in composting , here in MN the Department of Agriculture is encouraging using this process where legal within the state with deceased livestock and does have the instruction's available on how to properly processed in the process .
So just relax folks it's all in the name of science for a better future for our horses.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sissy and Tony

Sissy in the toy pile!
Such a busy summer it has been for Dave and I doing the work we do.
Our daily treat is living with our dogs and critters, we look at their care as a pleasure and time for ourselves.
I love coming home to my family as the greetings are the best, I feel missed and appreciated .
Sissy is growing while she sleeps it seems, Tony is the greatest teacher for her and takes his job very seriously.
The smiles and laughter they bring to us and every visitor here is their gift back to us .