Friday, February 8, 2013

New Articles available.

Hi Everyone, hope your having an amazing day!

Some back issues of the on-line magazine " Sound Advocate"
are now available to the non-member public.
I did write an article in the July/Aug. issue "Developing the Natural Running walk".
 Here is the link to that issue.

 I am and always have been from my very roots in my gaited horse career which started in  1978 ( being non-gaited prior) a natural gaited purist , not a re-formed user of mechanical manifested methods in how I train horses, I've never used those methods by choice.This article explains how to work from the  top of the horse down, shaping the top line first to effect how the legs will perform, not from the bottom up on the horse.
I hope it will have some value in helping folks teaching their own horses in a healthy manner, and also achieve great running walks!

Here is the link to the Sept./Oct. Issue and the fun of this issue is the Sound Advocate went color. Lots of other great articles too!
In this issue the topic I wrote about  is" Straightness, what it is and why is it important to the gaited horse".

My hopes and goals in writing are to write with an ease of understanding as possible for the readers. It's been my feeling to write with overly complicated terms and descriptions does a dis-service to the readers and to do so just feeds a writers ego, while not always coming through well in helping horses and people. I so hope I am getting that done but your input is welcome and ideas for future topics are welcome. I also THANK the editors at the SA and all those  from years gone by as my writing has progressed!


Friday, February 1, 2013

FOSH Has new Sport horse program!!

Greetings Fellow Horse Enthusiast:

Did you know that Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH), a non-profit organization, promotes the humane care, training and treatment of all gaited horses for the preservation of their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing?

Please enjoy your attached copy of our premiere magazine, The Sound Advocate, as an introduction to Friends of Sound Horses.  The Sound Advocate was designed as an exclusive resource for FOSH members and is the only gaited horse magazine in print worldwide covering information and issues of today’s gaited horses.  The excellent educational content draws enthusiasts of all gaited horse breeds and offers pin point marketing opportunities to reach the Sound Advocate’s dedicated, exclusive and loyal readers.

The new FOSH Gaited Sport Horse program launching this year is an exclusive venue designed by FOSH to recognize and honor the talents and abilities of all gaited horses.  This exciting program includes Gaited Distance, Gaited Equine Agility and Gaited Dressage. Please visit

FOSH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization actively engaged in the battle to end soring--the deliberate, cruel and abusive infliction of pain on the front legs or feet of a gaited horse, primarily Tennessee Walking Horses, to create an exaggerated, high stepping gait for the show ring. Soring has been against Federal Law since 1970.   FOSH supports flat shod or barefoot gaited horses and never endorses any event that permits stacked shoes, chains or action devices, nor mechanical, chemical or artificial means to modify the natural gaits of the horse. For more information please visit

A robust set of resources is available through FOSH for the gaited horse enthusiast whose needs are often not addressed in mainstream media and clubs. For instance we provide licensed judges for venues that offer gaited horse shows or classes at all-breed shows and the Independent Judges Association (IJA) Rulebook that covers 15 gaited breeds.

We’re not all business!   We invite you to join us socially on Face Book or the FOSHFriends Yahoo Group for real time updates and to share your adventures with our community.  Let everyone know how you have fun with your special horse(s)!!  We even offer members a complimentary gait analysis of your gaited horse.

The Sound Advocate is distributed to members, shows, clinics, events and equine expos in the U.S. and abroad.  Twice a year, it is distributed electronically to over 20,000 horse enthusiasts during our outreach campaign.

Please forward this complimentary issue of the Sound Advocate to your favorite horse friends and associations.  This simple action will help us in our efforts to end soring and serve the gaited horse community. 


Will you consider joining FOSH?  Visit us today at and receive the Sound Advocate as one of your member benefits. Please forward this complimentary issue of the Sound Advocate to your favorite horse friends and associations.  This simple action will help us in our efforts to end soring and serve the gaited horse community. 

                                                                                    Teresa Bippen

P.S.  The Sound Advocate is published 6 times a year in both written and electronic formats.  For advertising rates and demographics, please contact Julie Tarnawski at