Thursday, August 20, 2015

Some really deep stuff tonight but if you know me at all,one tiny bit, I come from a little deeper and larger thought process.
I believe in being one of many stewards in our local community, then as stewards within our state,next stewards in our country and then acting as stewards of the world. Every decision I make I go through this thought process. Not what it does for me personally and my gain but how it may effect everything and everyone as a whole.
I don't want to make decisions out of anger, emotion,  or my own personal weakness which I may have done,but learn from. I have to be mindful beyond self.
Hiding behind fences,friendships, political  preferences be it local or up to governmental of others. I feel is no way to live. No way to live free and freedom to just be as in one very small piece of one huge canvas we all live in and create in what ever community we include our selves in. Be a voice if you choose but be one of honesty to ourselves first and then it passes on hopefully into a positive to all.
Liz Graves 2015

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