Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wonderful old roots!

My Mother Louise  1949

This photos was taken at one of the military bases my Mother grew up on and learned to ride at as a youth. Her father was US Calvary 2 years before being accepted to US Air Force which he retired from as a WW 2 vet and went on to serve and retire with Federal Civil Service.

I love her real Angora Chaps and this must be one of the Calvary horses since it is a photo taken on the base.
She  grew up learning to ride English forward seat, classical and side- saddle yet brought me up teaching these same seats and skills but always  in stock seat or Mexican tack, hence my vast passion for  and back ground in Bosal work. This photo screams she was drawn to and later sought out those disciplines in her knowledge base as well.  
My Mother as a teacher and trainer here in MN was a very poor living and  one she made by choice giving up much for her passion, back then a trainer was considered one step above the garbage pick up  profession.
A bale of hay was .25 and a trim all the way around was $1.00 she received $30.00  per month for training a horse. I think she did better than most  and as a woman doing this as a living was not normally taken seriously but her Military upbringing being US Calvary trained gave her a respected creditably in the profession that otherwise would not have been.
Having roots is an awesome thing!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wood Pile Gang Rides Again!!

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The Wood Pile Gang has had a busy winter and taken up the sport of Bull Tying.
They have a new trusty stead, " The BIG BANANA" and have found the perfect fitting saddle for 
 the 'BIG BANANA'S" Inverted body type with matching side pull to finish out the rig.
It took both  Baby Boy Pine and Rosewood to get this bull down , he was one tough bugger, but they did it as a team.
They seem to enjoy this sport as much as last winters Whale bustin.
Never a dull moment at Shades of Oak!