Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This 57 second Video Dave put together from some of our Pryor Mountain Mustang trips.
To so many of those in our close circle they really get it and understand the importance of the message put so well into words by Dave.
We are finding it interesting though that some folks just don't get it at all.
Others do, but don't care.
Some do and are working so hard in getting it all to happen for them in their horse/human relationship.
Some don't get it in reality, but know the message is of value to bring in the possible client to sell their wares with no intention of actually enacting lessons learned in this message into their own horsemanship, I call these"Those that walk the grey line".
Very telling in that many folks have different reasons and goals in having horses and I understand that.
No matter the choices ,we are each so different and that's what makes life so interesting.
For the horses I wish more would get the message, if even not for themselves , then in that the horse deserves fairness and quality of life as we expect in our own.
copyright 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Excitng New Designer Horse Breed!!

The Graves /Greenwood Woodpile Horses
After several Years of hard work, research and planning we have developed the fool proof breed anyone can enjoy and certainly everyone knows someone that this breed is the perfect match.
If you have ever been told you need a 4 wheeler not a horse, the Woodpile breed is for you.
Benefits if this breed
1. No more saddle fit or bitting worries.
2. No need for Farrier, vet or dentist.
3. Nutritional needs non existent.
4. Can be ridden from front to back.
5. Adjustable changes from uphill to downhill conformation preferences.
6. Never worry about collection again, always carries it's self in a neutral spine.
7. Guaranteed no behavioral issues such a resistance or aggression.
8. No riding skills needed, heavy hands welcome.
9. Handles abusive humans perfectly, always willing.
10. Can also be used as a walking stick.
11. No need for hoof boots or winter blankets.
12. Comes in many colors.
13. Easy to transport, no expensive trucks and trailers needed.
14. No training needed.
Of coarse any horse with such a vast list of attributes is not going to be inexpensive so be prepared to pay a premium price for such a versatile breed as the Woodpile Horse.
This is a reverse situation in that the initial investment of the horse will be the most expensive part and zero expense thereafter.
This years lovely seedling foal we named "Pine"

Warning: It is recommended not to pasture your Woodpile horse with horses that are known to be wood chewers!
We also recommend a helmet if you are known to trip over you own 2 feet.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Color, color color!

As you can tell I'm no fashion diva in my riding attire, it's about comfort for me, not how cool I look and as of today that meant some layers in clothing.
The horse is named Joker and an Appaloosa that's in for continued education and he was born in good cloths.
What cool colors and pattern, the same in his mind, one neat, fun horse to shape and mold , emotionally and physically.
Training is like getting Christmas gifts, there is something different in every package to discover and enjoy!
OK most of the time , sometimes we do get those unexpected surprises that you would like to send back to the store but not often.