Friday, September 30, 2011

8th Annual PA Clinic

Link to Clinic Slide show.

The slide show gives a good feel for the depth of work at this clinic.This group of 14 was very ready , and had progressed too and were very open in their desire in doing this kind of deep work. Awesome riders! Not all clinics are ready for this kind of work but my dream is that folks will get to this point in them selves to seek it, finding that higher level of horsemanship. This is the fun stuff and the results in our horses is aw inspiring. Knowing just how to touch our horses is a must and knowing it's OK to do so is that first big step through the door. Through this we can communicate with clarity, feel in softness and find the fluidity in our own bodies to help our horses preform the same. All in turn clearing their emotions to hear our intent and open their willingness to listen and just give us their try.

This is the world I love to live with horses and want to share with you on how to also!

Warmest, Liz

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good Bye for now my long time and very dear friend Gertie, who passed 9-25-2011 in Winnipeg Canada
I hold close mine and many others special memories of playing with the horses and sharing roasted marshmallows around many a campfire with the young people just starting their journey in horsemanship.
Most important I will keep close those late night conversations we had about life, living it fully and your experienced wisdom in helping guide me in my life journey.
Thank you with love for an honest real friendship.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Dave and our new used toy and ranch machine!
I'm still to chicken to drive it, if it does not have a mane or tail I'm just not very comfortable with things like this!
You can bet I'll have a helmet too before I try it also!