Saturday, December 10, 2011

A time of Passing

The Greatest Horsewomen
Lessons from My Mother

The Greatest Horsewomen always tend the stock before themselves.

The Greatest Horsewomen share their experience, knowledge and wisdom so that others may have success, if they want it.

The Greatest Horsewomen feel no jealousy, yet thrive on true sportsmanship in healthy competition.

The Greatest Horsewomen see into all the souls they meet human and horse. Always trying to work confidently, yet  gently as possible to bring them understanding and peace.While knowing their risk of not always having success in doing so.

And where do the  Greatest Horsewomen go?

They go home to all the horses in heaven they once knew in life.

How do I know?

One of the Greatest Horsewomen I know told me so! 

Written by: Elizabeth Graves. December 2011

Give all our old horse friends there a big hello hug from me Mom.

Thursday, December 1, 2011