Monday, January 24, 2011

Gooooo Green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As any Football fan knows yesterday was a big one for Steeler and Packer Fans.
For the Woodpile Gang it was pure joy being their 2 favorite teams.
Being first and foremost long time Packers Backers with a long dry spell since 1997 they have stayed true so their hopes are put on them to win, but wish both teams a great game!!
For Baby Boy Pine this is a new experience and he's very excited !!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Photo By: Viv Gluzinski of Newark, Ohio

As hard as this winter has been for so many around the country , we often feel in survival mode. If we just take a little time, beauty can be found even in it's harshness.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Woodpile Gang hosts " Beat the Winter Blahs" event!
The Gang wanted a rodeo and since around here we don't break horses or bust them, but actually teach or fix them , using horses was out of the questions for bucking stock!

So they chose a Whale Bustin!
Long time friend of the Gang "Leonardo D Leopard", Champion Whale buster from waaay back, was their choice for Judge and official timer for the event.

Chompin Chestnut showing very good form here, but only made a 7.655 second ride.

Stix got a little busted up on his ride but a little wood glue, gauze and vet wrap and he'll be mended up in no time. The Gang made him a crutch since they have not found a health insurance company to cover them having a pre-existing condition of splinters..

Sir Cedar had a bad ride, did not make it 2 seconds before going head first in a snow bank. He'll be fine and his flat head will puff back up in no time! Just cant get the Gang to wear helmets!

Our winner was a new comer to the sport though, being "Perfectin Gold Stryk ".
No one could deny his excellent technique in bringing this whale into control!
A great time was had by all and looking forward to next winters event!
Maybe a Monkey bustin would be fun?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


OK once again I have to step up and dispel rumors!
OK Maybe some in this state hope I would, but certainly have not, and had no intentions to do so.
So lets put this one to bed folks!
Might be good to realize it's a very small world and I may not address every ridiculous rumor or gossip that comes back to me but it does get here eventually.
It's not a trait I view as complimentary coming from educated , respectable adults, but more a junior high school behavior some never grow out of.
How we behave also can be a big reflection of just what kind of friends, businessman, horseman and horsewomen people are.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Woodpile Horse Gang starting 2011 off right!

Baby Boy Pine tries his hoof at training. He insisted on a Rocky Mountain Horse as his first try.
So I let him have the reins of this youngster we are just starting here.
I'm going to have to give him the breed snob lecture, but did not want to put a cloud over his first time out.
I feel the kid has a gift in being able to convince such a dignified breed to wear a cone on it's head and look happy about it is a good start.

Stixs of the Woodpile Horse Gang landed a gig modeling T-shirts.
The ear muffs are not a part of the merchandise but it was a chill day.
He was warned though he would have to work on reducing his Booty.
It's that little bit of Quarter Horse coming out in him.
We feel a diet of wood shaving will get it down some though.

Happy 2011!!