Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Woodpile Horse Gang starting 2011 off right!

Baby Boy Pine tries his hoof at training. He insisted on a Rocky Mountain Horse as his first try.
So I let him have the reins of this youngster we are just starting here.
I'm going to have to give him the breed snob lecture, but did not want to put a cloud over his first time out.
I feel the kid has a gift in being able to convince such a dignified breed to wear a cone on it's head and look happy about it is a good start.

Stixs of the Woodpile Horse Gang landed a gig modeling T-shirts.
The ear muffs are not a part of the merchandise but it was a chill day.
He was warned though he would have to work on reducing his Booty.
It's that little bit of Quarter Horse coming out in him.
We feel a diet of wood shaving will get it down some though.

Happy 2011!!