Monday, February 15, 2010

Ok Thats it, More Snow!!!!!

Frosty your not welcome  here till next winter.
We give, we have had enough!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

All articles contained are in PDF files so an Acrobat reader program will be needed to view.

Lee's Work has been compiled for the Public

This had been a huge undertaking, done in a rather short amount of time.
The push was from a very heart felt statement made by Lee's Mother in that she said" We don't buy green bananas any more".
We did not get it done in time for the Lt. Col.s birthday but we were close.
It is their dream to see her work always made available to the public in as complete as form as possible.
Although we had hoped it could be done through her web site it was not to be.
Since her old Domain name has been made open to public offers for purchase,Lee's parents did make an offer but the counter offer was $18,000.00 which made it impossible.
So the above link to her work is what we came up with to make their dream possible.

There are people to thank as well for making this possible:
Lee Ziegler's Parents first and foremost.
The Law Firm I use in that they did a part of the work needed Pro bono.
The Owners and Editors of Gaited Horse Magazine
David Genadek for his long nights of work creating the graphics and putting all her work together on the web page.

Lee Ziegler's Classroom will remain available on the web in that the legal arrangements have been made through my estate that all management and funding will be maintained well after I am ashes to the wind myself.
Please note for those negative thinkers, that no outside contributions were accepted for this, but will be funded through what I have contributed to my estate souly.

Additions to the knowledge base will continue in that Lee was a writer and did a lot of work that was not published. As I can go through all her files and compile more of her work we will be adding it to her Classroom.

Copyright 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The photo above is from my flower bed last year and I post it for all those on the east coast getting blasted with the snow storm to think Spring!

I have a new article up on the "articles page" of my web site at our new URL being

Also can be found on the articles page are many You Tube videos .

The "Gaits and Conformation Standards of the Natural Tennessee Walking Horse" can also be found on the same page as well as our home page now.

All the article's now also work and we have received permission to publish all article's written for Gaited Horse Magazine on the site as well.

You will also find all dates and details on the clinics page updated and corrected.

There is now a link to a slide show of photos under elephant photo on the home page.

The reason for this URL change is that the last 8 years we have been paying for the domain name,yet the manager of that site did not register it in our name , we are working to correct that also.

We still have a lot more work to do on the site but the major things have been addressed and all updates now can be done here at the ranch in a timley manner.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh Those Saddle Whoa's Again!

The above video is an ad for Dave's educational sessions at the Iowa Horses Fair this year. These are not about selling saddles, but pure, real education to empower the horse owner in their choices.

I am working on a rather lengthy article once again on all those troubles plaguing the horse owners on saddle fit which I work with in my travels !

Most know I endorse no saddles brands, not even Dave's. It's not about what the saddles out there are or are not but a matter of ethics on my part in knowing there are to many variables to do so. Each horse and owner combination must be addressed on an individual case basis.

I DO though endorse those that put forth honest, real education to help the horse owner learn, so I do endorse Dave's educational program. He also now teaches large groups around the world Via webinars on line. When he teaches at clinics, horse fairs and through his webinars he is not selling saddles. You can schedule the webinars at

I'm amazed at the myths and those even put forth by those representing themselves as experts.

Here is the start, and that's to stop relying on just wanting someone, anyone, to tell you what to use. The most common asked question I am asked, even when having no indication what what they have in the horse they own.

You cant fit a horse you have not seen in some type of media, if not in the very flesh.

The biggest tool I can give you is "GET EDUCATED" to understand it yourself. It's not rocket science in the basics. The horse owner actually has the easy part, yet getting folks to actually learn and understand the basics seems hard to get them to do.

The tough stuff is development in manufacturing, if it's a manufacture that is actually caring about fit and function to horse and rider. Not just regurgitating the terminology they have learned from those before them, most of it plagiarized material in which they redefine to make their own with no clear understanding, just make it sound great and look like a saddle!

I know the the funds spent here in Dave's research and development exceed $100,000.00 to date.

So hopefully this new article will not be much longer in its final state and I will post here when it's complete. I so feel each and every persons frustration on this topic and we just have to make it better for the horse owner and the horse.

Liz Graves

Copyright 2010