Thursday, February 11, 2010

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Lee's Work has been compiled for the Public

This had been a huge undertaking, done in a rather short amount of time.
The push was from a very heart felt statement made by Lee's Mother in that she said" We don't buy green bananas any more".
We did not get it done in time for the Lt. Col.s birthday but we were close.
It is their dream to see her work always made available to the public in as complete as form as possible.
Although we had hoped it could be done through her web site it was not to be.
Since her old Domain name has been made open to public offers for purchase,Lee's parents did make an offer but the counter offer was $18,000.00 which made it impossible.
So the above link to her work is what we came up with to make their dream possible.

There are people to thank as well for making this possible:
Lee Ziegler's Parents first and foremost.
The Law Firm I use in that they did a part of the work needed Pro bono.
The Owners and Editors of Gaited Horse Magazine
David Genadek for his long nights of work creating the graphics and putting all her work together on the web page.

Lee Ziegler's Classroom will remain available on the web in that the legal arrangements have been made through my estate that all management and funding will be maintained well after I am ashes to the wind myself.
Please note for those negative thinkers, that no outside contributions were accepted for this, but will be funded through what I have contributed to my estate souly.

Additions to the knowledge base will continue in that Lee was a writer and did a lot of work that was not published. As I can go through all her files and compile more of her work we will be adding it to her Classroom.

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