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This a video of a fun lesson I gave  this winter and it gives a lot of practical applications and verbal explanations that may be helpful  for some folks looking for how to's in applications.
 I did change his bit just before this from a curb to a snaffle. Raven was pacing prior and very lateral (camel walk) in his timing of the walk. Lots of the basics on working to the 5 Essentials I teach in this video. Great receptive horse and student  here so it went pretty fast and easy in bringing Raven to a good start back to where he needs to get.40 minutes may seem a lot for some one to watch this but for those seeking added help it's very little time for some free visual help given here.  

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I will be attending the Evidence Based Horsemanship clinic as a student May 30,31 & June 1, 2014.

I will be conducting a Demo/Lecture Day on June 3rd, and conducting private lessons on June 4th, 2014.

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A good  one to use today since I'm yearning for mud 
being -50 to -60 below with the wind chill.

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