Thursday, January 13, 2011

Woodpile Gang hosts " Beat the Winter Blahs" event!
The Gang wanted a rodeo and since around here we don't break horses or bust them, but actually teach or fix them , using horses was out of the questions for bucking stock!

So they chose a Whale Bustin!
Long time friend of the Gang "Leonardo D Leopard", Champion Whale buster from waaay back, was their choice for Judge and official timer for the event.

Chompin Chestnut showing very good form here, but only made a 7.655 second ride.

Stix got a little busted up on his ride but a little wood glue, gauze and vet wrap and he'll be mended up in no time. The Gang made him a crutch since they have not found a health insurance company to cover them having a pre-existing condition of splinters..

Sir Cedar had a bad ride, did not make it 2 seconds before going head first in a snow bank. He'll be fine and his flat head will puff back up in no time! Just cant get the Gang to wear helmets!

Our winner was a new comer to the sport though, being "Perfectin Gold Stryk ".
No one could deny his excellent technique in bringing this whale into control!
A great time was had by all and looking forward to next winters event!
Maybe a Monkey bustin would be fun?