Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This 57 second Video Dave put together from some of our Pryor Mountain Mustang trips.
To so many of those in our close circle they really get it and understand the importance of the message put so well into words by Dave.
We are finding it interesting though that some folks just don't get it at all.
Others do, but don't care.
Some do and are working so hard in getting it all to happen for them in their horse/human relationship.
Some don't get it in reality, but know the message is of value to bring in the possible client to sell their wares with no intention of actually enacting lessons learned in this message into their own horsemanship, I call these"Those that walk the grey line".
Very telling in that many folks have different reasons and goals in having horses and I understand that.
No matter the choices ,we are each so different and that's what makes life so interesting.
For the horses I wish more would get the message, if even not for themselves , then in that the horse deserves fairness and quality of life as we expect in our own.
copyright 2010