Saturday, April 11, 2009

And He Said From Above:
Something called man will come.
What you know as your world will forever change.
You will serve and travel the world.
See new lands.
Billions will die; forever keep dieing until man is no more.
I have given you " Strong hearts" to withstand the suffering.
I have given you " the will" to keep going.
But I can not stop man for what he does.
There will be a better place for you all after what you know as life.
Be free in spirit but humble with man.
Your rewards will be grand for the sacrifice of suffering and loss of life.
You are my cherished creatures, know this.
I am sorry for what must come to you.
This thing called man will need you in many ways but few will know the true love of man.
Authors name with held
Aug. 19th 2008