Saturday, May 9, 2009

Liz up on QT
It's spring at last and most folks are out riding again I hope.
So those that are working at really developing the best possible performance in their horse, while becoming the most effective rider, it's time once again for me to post my "5 Essentials of Horsemanship". Once you achieve these in a form of quality, one will have stepped into a new arena of discovery and excellence, and what it is to be one with your horse in every sense of the word.
The 5 Essentials of Horsemanship
1. Achieve and Maintain Straightness
2.Engage the Hindquarters
3 Raise the root of the neck
4. Ask for forward movement properly,
in a weight bearing posture
5. Bend in the rib cage
Elizabeth Graves
Copyright 2008
Sounds easy, this short little list , but in reality it will entail a lot of work, more on your part than that of your horse.
A. You have to find the answers to what each means in totality.
B. You yourself will have to learn how to make each happen and maintain it.
C. You will have to learn to show and teach your horse how.
One of the biggest pay offs when you can achieve these, is experiencing and coming to that very special place of " feel".
May the real workers in their journey have a successful and fun summer of discovery and achievement with your horses.