Monday, October 5, 2009

Doesn't get any better than a clinic, friend's and chocolate cake!
It's hard to believe it's the 6 anniversary for Joanna Swartz
clinic in Ford City, PA. The years are just flowing on by.
Once again she went all out to make everyone welcome. Every year she always puts on a lovely dinner on Saturday night and this year was the same along with participant gifts.
This years gift were Carrying bags, note books, and pens with the "Gathering Gaits" Logo along with human and horse treats to fill the bags.
Although lots of rain made for a soggy weekend everyone came together in the indoor and made the best of it and it's always fun for me to see all the networking going on and seeing old friends that come every year.
This year Joanna added a day of private lessons as well and will do the same next year.

One of the special things that moves me so much is the folks that come to the clinics that have given themselves to a special needs horse and I mean some very sever situations with re-hab horses. Horse that they have known their situation upon purchase and truly know what commitment is and the work ahead they face to bring quality of life back to a horse or to a horse that has never known a better life or way. We seem to have many dedicated folks like this come to Joanna's clinic every year and they so move me and the pride I think we all feel in meeting people like this. It's not an easy task to say the least in what work they have to put forth for these special horses.
Joanna herself made some wonderful progress in this last year also with her work. Montero was doing canter departure that were fantastic and she's getting his gait of fox trot back in place as well, he and she were awesome!
Thank you to Joanna and all those that attended , it was a great weekend!!
Hope to see you all next year!