Monday, December 14, 2009

The Blanket Brigade!

TWH - Perfectin Gold Stryke "Stryker"
The comedian that likes to use Mustangs as toys!
This boy really can stride under himself too! He's a blast to ride.

Quarter Horse- Candy Cow Cody " Lassie"
My mare that is as smooth as any gaited horse I ever mounted, it's all in the structure !
TWH in the rear- Super Mans April
This is my "Millers Superman" mare that's so multi gaited and
a reb horse, knowing some tough times in a big lick barn long ago now, before I acquired her.

TWH- Regals Lunar Express " Major"
My very masterful, skillful horse that is as hard on himself to do it right as I am on myself.
We are so perfect for each other and a workaholic like myself. Wish I could grow hair like he does mane and tail.

Crabby old Mother Nature has been on the war path and I just keep on smiling at her and say 'bring it on momma!
So today she hits us with an Arctic blast and -20 with wind chills today, so out came the blankets for the turn out time.
The above are just some of my horses and they love their blankets even though these are so heavy it's like putting a small pony on a horse!
When blanketing Major, Lassie was doing her deep toned and low soft nicker begging for me to do hers first and she does not talk much but she was being vocal today about it all.
I love this time of year when their hair coats are long and thick and I can just bury my face in that V in their necks and take in their smell and feel that warm softness on my face!
Ahh Horse, Horses, Horse!!