Sunday, August 8, 2010

Discovering Collection in the Beginning

Below are before and after photos of a private one day workshop I conducted here at the ranch yesterday. It's purpose was learning Bio-mechanics, locomotion and collection.
Of coarse the after photos are just a start for these horses and riders and none are in finished, refined form. In 1 day we made big changes through riders discovering what the shape of collection is, what the human, and horses body both need to do to create it, not make it.
Added to this is the saddles must fit,be placed properly and strapped on properly to allow a horses body to function properly. Headgear must help support when needed, not create discomfort or communication from hand to head gear will be compromised. They must be used properly with hands that can feel.
This was a super group of people, in that they came with their minds open and wanting the best for their horses in turn making the best for themselves.
I love people like this and none were afraid to work.

Morgan Horse before
This horse is a true ewe-necked horse in that the s-shape his cervical vertebrae create a small S-curve at the top and a long S-curve at the bottom
the higher he elevates his head the more evident this is. A neck like this can naturally incline a horse to be inverted and collecting these horses for life time of back health and soundness is imperative.
Morgan Horse After

Chestnut Quarter Horse before

Chestnut Quarter Horse after

Bay Quarter Horse before

Bay Quarter Horse after

Fjord Horse before

Fjord Horse After

Liz Graves
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