Monday, December 6, 2010

Anna Up, On Spanish Mustang Salsa
I never did have time to share this summer that my friend Anna From Germany was able to come for a visit here at our ranch.
It was a delight for me to return some of the hospitality that Anna and her family have shown me on my trips teaching in Germany at Down Under Stables.
What a wonderful guest she is and more so for me is to spend time with a fellow horsewoman as passionate as I am about riding and our journey to get as good as we possibly can.
It was fun to see that familiar twinkle in her eye every time I would ask" Would you like to ride this horse" and each and every time up she went with a smile on her face.
Reminds me of me!
Only difference is I'm old and get up slower.
One of these horses was a Spanish Mustang owned by Zen Cowboys and Anna's first experience with this breed . Anna just wowed us all with her skills in bringing Salsa who was feisty this day into collection in Bosal being Anna's first time using this type of equipment. Good horsemanship is good horsemanship regardless of the tools we use, and Anna demonstrated this beautifully.
Dave and I were able to get a little time away and show her some of our state as well ,a treat for us too.
Dave and I think of her as "Our Anna" and look forward to many return trips from her in the future and next time she will have a 60 meter Dressage arena to ride in.
So much to look forward to and Dave will have to bring us our meals up at the arena.
Heads up Dave!