Sunday, July 24, 2011

Horse Skeleton

For those that knew and have asked about the exhumation of the horse Bubba we are going to be rebuild the skeleton of, we did complete the digging today. What we found after 2 years, is that MN is better at preserving than composting.
The body had composted very, very little. We were able to remove some parts on the right side and I will complete the rendering of those. We decided to add some bacterial cultures to help things maybe get better started again and reburied and will try to bring the rest up in a year or 2 more, hoping it does compost down.
I did get my pony finished this spring but will not rebuild as a full skeleton as it's nice compact size makes it easy to use as a teaching aid in separate systems.
Glad our Mothers are not around or they would not have allowed either of us near the house but the dogs thought we smelled and looked wonderful.
Will I have nightmares tonight, yes probably, but it's in the name of education.
This horse I started myself as a youngster and owned until he was 33 years old, so any thing I do find abnormal in damage, I was responsible for and no excuses for that from me. I will hold myself accountable for what I find and learn from it and hope others learn from my mistakes so they do not have to make them on their horses.