Monday, August 29, 2011

Crime on the rise in Spring Valley , MN

Photo of Suspect Captured on Stable Cameras

Law enforcement was called to Shades of Oak Ranch with the report of robbery in progress!
1 death incurred as hero 'Stix" of the Woodpile Gang gave his wood grain in fighting off the suspect when the suspect was caught red hoofed in the barn safe stealing the money from the Woodpile Gangs second summer job of dancing evenings at the Lumber Yard Club. It's estimated that 5 million of made in China cash was stolen. The suspect is still at large.
Identity has not been confirmed as of yet but hoof prints and hair samples are being run through Codis data base .
Much of the fight between the suspect and Stix was caught on barn cameras with photos below.
WE CAUTION: Viewers of the violent nature of the photos below.

Stix fought hard before falling to his injuries
Suspect was last seen gaiting away from the scene of crime after stashing the cash on his body.

Services for "Stix" were held at Compost Cemetery.
In attendance were the remaining members of the Woodpile Gang with blood shot eyes and still in evening dance costumes. In a Statement taken from the Gang they said" Their hearts are absolutely splintered over the loss of their partner and friend".