Friday, April 13, 2012

Ranch Happening!

It's been a busy and fun winter and very mild for us here In MN.
The above is JP a  RMH that came in for a spring tune up. He sure grew taller since last year and still has lots of filling and maturing to do even yet and may need a 4 step mounting block before he is done!

This is Bucky a RMH executing just under an 8 meter volte at a canter. Yes gaited horses can canter beautifully and should, and having  good basics in lateral work and straightness training makes doing  a canter in such a small volte possible, one talented and smart fellow he was.
This is Diego the PP that I loved teaching him to use his top line and find relaxation, He was a heart stealer in that he was so personable and loved humans so much. What a reach behind he had!
This is Tia Maria and RMH which was long in body length, yet tied together so well from back to front that her walk to bring into a collected shape was beautiful, ground covering and could do  her RMG gait with so much ease just on a loose rein, self carry in snaffle bit or side pull she was so strongly gaited. My Zaldi Spanish schooling saddle fit like a glove on her too since she had an unusual shape, more like an Andalusian. Our  PB Floyd's sister too!
Now this is living! Our friend Noah came and cooked us the most amazing Cajun dinner and I had seconds which is rare for me. The guys cleaned up the kitchen too, I had to do nothing in the kitchen. I could get used to that!
This is Marty giving Tony and Sissy organic beef bones she brought them. I know they then believed all their little dog dreams really could come true, those bones are very small now!They both received their spring hairs cuts a week after this so they are half the dogs they were here.
So it's been a busy place and all these horses have gone home now and still have a bunch here we have to get photos of  and hope to before they leave.