Saturday, May 26, 2012

New clothes!

Spring is here and it's very busy with a full book of training horse still in the barns, we even have some first cutting hay in the barn and that's very early for us. I even have one very small tomatoe already on one of my plants in the garden.
Here are some non horse related photos for a change as Sissy our Gordon setter and Tony our Aussie both received new collars today made for them by Steel City Equine and Bead works. Thank you so much Joanna Swartz! We love them !! It's very hard to get a photo of Tony with out some prized possession in his mouth or other wise he is just running so this is the best I could  do . Sissy is just as her eyes, even though she is a very intense huntress she also is so soft and full of pure sweetness. Can you tell I think we just have the most perfect dogs, or at least they are to us.