Sunday, November 25, 2012

It is with a very sad heart to share long time friend  teacher , mentor from my childhood to adulthood Don Burt has passed.
Don was one of my favorite judges to ride under as a child and who inspired me to pursue my 31 year career as a judge myself.
Don  helped me through every phase I went through from my stock horse years through my hunter/jumper phase and recall him laughing at me when I asked for help in stepping into that time. Next came my gaited horse era which again he was there with a smile to help me in judging,teaching judges and developing judging programs.
 Don was a true Horseman's  Horseman of a time when  you worked and worked hard for what you earned in your education, no paying ones way in, bullying or marketing into it. One had to have hard earned experience to gain your skills, your work and respect in the industry.
 Don was the go to Gentleman to learn from.
 Don Burt was one of my finest teachers I will miss and remember always with the greatest of respect. 
Forever grateful I am for his willingness to share his great knowledge with a puny little girl from the Midwest.