Saturday, June 7, 2008

He Walks Beside Me and Sometimes Rides Too!
For much of my life I have traveled this journey standing alone and it's been hard and often lonely. I learned early on in standing up for truth and what is right is a hard path to travel and many along the way will try to block or distract you and keep others from you even though they may be believe in a twisted sort of way they travel the same path.
When one does find that sincere person along the way that has been in the same place to continue on together it gets easier and the path turns in to a road.
Dave makes my chosen work easier and lightens the load in many ways for me and I hope I do the same for him. We both work with in the same equine industry , I in that I teach horses and people sharing my experience trying to help them have success. While Dave being a teacher , artist , also owning and operating a saddle manufacturing corporation and saddle tree corporation, so in that we share many of the same joys and frustrations along the way.
I live much of my life traveling and working on the road although he does his share of clinics as well, he always holds down the fort, caring for the horses, feeding , cleaning stalls, grooming, putting fly mask on and taking them off, fixing equipment and fence, just all that comes with running a ranch and never with a complaint.
He has his escort of dogs where ever he goes, makes sure "Pkin" the old duck gets his " on the pond " time, meaning in the bath tub.
He cooks for guests, can run a vacuum, does dishes and washes clothes again without a complaint when I'm not here to do so my self.
He listens when I come home sharing in my travels about the wonderful people and horses I meet along the way, The fun and discovery that comes with my work. He also listens to my anguish and pain in the bad I also witness in my travels and eases the pain of experiencing the sometimes just plain mean and sometimes even evil people that do turn up also in the horse culture once in a while.
He claims he's not a horseman but I feel very differently about his opinion on that, let a horse come in for teaching that has fear of the human male and he's there with the horse working through kindness and building the bonds of trust to help the horse develop a different opinion on that. The horses trust and like him, he handles and cares for them as I would respect any honest horseman that cares about the horses well being first and foremost.
Dave is the person I love to travel with when we can together and seek out those special restaurants to enjoy great cuisine together. To go on new adventures with. On the walls of our home hang his beautiful art work all done in leather of lions, zebra's, Geronimo and even Einstein. Above is a photo of cross he did for a carving class he taught, my grandmother Nelson would have loved it. Also is a belt he carved for me for Valentines day with our names on it.
He can find humor in things when I want to cry, he makes it all better, he brings light and laughter to my life.
Oh how I cherish him , love him and thank him for choosing to walk with me as student on this journey together. He is my favorite human.