Friday, June 20, 2008

Photo Captions from left to right
#1 No No your doing it all wrong!!
#2 Like this.
#3 That a boy! Now your getting it.
The Last Job And The Best
Above is a grouping of photos Dave put together today for me.
They are of Duke (Duker Dog) and Tony ( Tony Laroni Caboni).
Our Friend Duke passed in Dec. at the age of 14 but his last job he took very seriously was teaching Tony how to be a good dog. He showed him the ropes of house manners, getting along with everyone, how to play and how to guard the ranch, plus countless other duties which Duke used to do himself. He was teaching his replacement I feel and he did a great job. Tony is amazing and as Daves Father says, smarter than both of us put together, Duke was too in his prime.
He left his legacy in his student and a good ranch is nothing without great dogs to manage it.
Duke has left us in body but he's always here in Tony and in our memories and he taught Tony how to make memories for us to cherish of him as well.
Love your horses, Love your dogs and I hope in some way you find in it in your selves, to love yourself, as in this you can find good and love in everything.