Sunday, August 17, 2008

Perfectin Gold Stryke
Also know as :
Stryker Dyker
Dennis the Menes
Yellow Butt
It's just amazing I was even able to get these photos as almost every time I've tried to get pictures of this horse they end up being of his tongue coming at the camera or just his muzzle with full view of his sinuses. It's very hard to keep this horse away from you when your around him, where you are, he is.
Also amazing is I got 2 precious hours of my own yesterday after doing morning jobs, and working the string of training horses, I then had this window of time before people came to take my boy Stryker for a ride.
We have 8 horses here of our own and each one means the world to us, they are our family and each one is unique yet so the same in the peace they create in their own security here. Dave and I are always in Ah of how when new horses come in they seem to help them know it's safe here and they all want them to relax here and they do.
Stryker is the one that is a bit different in that he just wants everyone to play with him. We don't leave the lounge door open, house door open, double chain and latch everything and keep nothing laying around that's not specifically for him as toys, or he would be in the house and everything on earth was put here for him to play with.
His wide open curiosity , and zest for life makes him one we have to protect from him self as he knows no fear and he has been put to the helicopter test twice now with Mayo clinic so close and the crop dusters working around the fields adjacent to the ranch.
He's designated himself as the official greeter here on the ranch. He makes us laugh all the time and loves to go for a ride, he enjoys his working time and has not a lazy bone in his body. I so enjoy when I have time just for him and we get so caught up in each other working and playing.