Monday, August 18, 2008

Regals Lunar Express
Who we call Major
Major I think of as the "pretty boy".
He does not like to be dirty and it seems to be important to him how he looks.
Major has so much dignity about him, much as Bubba always had but with out the arrogance of Bubba. Major is my performer, he's the most athletic and talented walker I have ever owned, he's that step above and can be very hard on himself. He's been my fastest learner and rarely makes an error when he learns a new skill completely. When we do have those errors it's usually due to my self causing it and him doing exactly what I asked, I just did not realize it at the time. The strength he has, yet so light & soft in how he uses himself , the brilliance of mind and maneuverability is everything I've always wanted to challenge my own skills in working upper level dressage work in a walking horse. He is also is one of the multi gaited horses that can do the foxtrot, running walk, saddle rack.
The saddle he is wearing is a fun one I enjoy riding from time to time, it's a gaucho saddle from South America. I have done a few modifications to it in that I want my saddles to be double rigged not single, so I did re-rig it for use with an X- cinch.
It is a treed saddle in that the tree is just made of leather having 2 stuffed tubes of leather running down each side of the spine laced together to distribute riders weight and create a nice wide and tall channel over the spine. This is a saddle for those that do have the skills of riding with an independent, balanced seat. Those that are still at the level of riding in that they are dependant on swells and a cantle with stirrup pressure to stay atop a horse will not find the security they desire until their skills have come in to place fully.
I have had fun with it and just something different.