Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Epistemology of Riding Fundamentals
By Elizabeth Graves
copyright 2008
1. To get straightness and keep it.
2. To engage the hind quarters.
3. To raise or lower the root of the neck.
4. To move forward.
5. To bend in the rib cage.
Notes: #2 through #5 cannot happen in quality application without #1.
A. To use our energy to create the horses energy.
B. To use the proper kind of emotion to create the desired energy.
Notes: Understand the use of positive emotion, not negative to create movement.
A and B are Paramount to have success in #1 through #5
The above relates to all breeds of all horses not specifically to gaited or non-gaited breeds.
What is an Ethical Teacher of Horse and Humans?
The answer to me is one who first looks out for the safety and well being of their students.
Not to enable what the students wants in impulsive desires or unrealistic perceptions or desire of achieving a fantasy.
To of bring them the truth and the reality so they have success, both horse and human.
To bring them to the best they can be without physical or emotional harm within their abilities, and to strive to the maximum possible in any individual.
Teach with truth and honesty, never to hold them hostage to a teachers own limits or desires.
An ethical teacher will be honest in telling a human student they have reached the limits of their teaching abilities and direct them to the next teacher that can take them to the next level.
Will offer the simple reality that any true success is about the correct work and correct work done over reasonable time.
An ethical teachers will recommend proper supportive aids if need be but never allow the student to fall victim to the belief that shortcuts, gadgets, gizmo's and myths will bring them to the highest level of quality.
An ethical teachers is a listener of the student and the horse, firm if need be but, never a bully.
An ethical teachers knows themselves to also be a student.
An ethical teacher always strives to improve themselves and their abilities.
Liz Graves