Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Carved in foam by my friend Viv
with our logo
This Pumpkin I carved for the Fair Hill trail ride contest I did in
Fair Hill, MD a couple of weeks ago, it won most "Jolly" pumpkin.

Yep I know!
I've not posted anything here in a long time but please understand I have been on the road and just home enough to do my laundry , repack and head out again, not much sleep these days but winter will take care of that too, so I guess it's a good thing.

I have lots of clinics and workshops to write about yet and so much more that I have had on my mind to share related to horses and those of us seeing times changing .
I will get writing here again after this
last run of trips.

Just one thing I do want to share though, we can find hero's in many places if we just look. I recently found one in a horse I finally was able to meet in his glorious, silky horse flesh , his name is Nikki and he is the bravest, strongest horse I have ever met.
His zest for life has moved me in such a way I have not had happen before. Nikki gave me a very special gift when I met him, I can see things so much clearer now, he gave me something I had been needing to find a new strength in myself while giving me the push I needed to keep going in my purpose for the horses.
You will always be with me in my heart.