Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mom Report

Thank You all that sent prayers and made calls for my Mother.
I was finally able to reach her today, power is back on and phone working once again.
She, her pets, and home fared wonderful. No big trees close enough to the house to cause damage to the house or cars, many of her neighbors did not fair as well.
She is sad she lost her big rubber tree and 2 banana trees but already got replacements to get started again.
Lots of clean up happening in her community and getting life back on track once again.

She is now again excited and looking to her visit here with us in November for 2 weeks. Her most important request to get on a horse one more time. Battling cancer now for 4 years and having her back broken in my youth has made riding not possible for many years.
She has asked to get on Bubba specifically so we will do this for her and at least get her up one more time and he will take the greatest of care of her.
She also requested to hold lots of horses"whole heads' in her arms once again, only a true horse person would understand the need and rewards of doing this.

Thank you all once again, your prayers worked!!