Monday, January 5, 2009

" Aussie Eyes"
I've not set a brush to a canvas in about 6 years now , well more my fingers as most of my work is with fingers with just a bit of brush use.
Was not sure I would remember since all my painting the last 6 years has been posts, stall and fence boards. Once again it felt good to find my release and relaxation in something I so love to do.
Our adored Tony being the model. Affectionately known as Tony Laroni Coboni, Wiggle Butt or Little Bear as nothing around here has only one name.
Those that meet him just given a little time succumb to his charms although he can intimidate the shy as he can be over whelming in his joy, exuberance and zest for life.
Only those with the blackest of heart he can not reach.
Below is a Tony inspired poem Dave's now adult children presented at Christmas.
A shattered pan of biscuits.
A slopping pot of gravy.
There's a wolverine in my kitchen.
His tongue is burnt.
His claws glisten.
By: Will and Evelyn Genadek