Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Becky settling her into a new home
Tony Being Teacher and Friend

WynDancers Simply Irresistible Flirt

We have had a difficult year as many in our critter family have been getting very old,
so we have had sad losses this year.
Our lives have once again been brightened by new and young life to help heal our sadness.
Thank you to Becky and Dan Voss of WynDancer Gordon Setters for bring so much joy to our home in such a little package that is just throwing her self at life.
Never have we experienced such a well socialized young pup before.
She is a girl of many names right now beyond her registered name and she seems to come to all of them , I my self seem to call her Sissy most of the time as it's nice to have girl in the house for a change rather than all the males.

I would also like to thank Diane Deweese and Tracy Valentine who hosted the Wenatchee ,WA clinic for donating the profits from that clinic to the Minnesota Hooved Rescue in the name of Bubba.