Thursday, July 30, 2009

My First Hand Made Mohair Cinch

Yep I finally am learning to do this, is it hard, you bet, the learning curve is just as anything else, work, work,work, focus and concentration.

I'm one of those tough students too, If I don't have it right I will not move on until I have it correct. So I did lots of rip outs and redo's, but it was worth it. It's not how fast you get it done just as in good horse training but getting it done right the first time and with practice, the speed will come.
Quality before Quantity!!
Thank goodness I had the most awesome teacher too, being Pop Wagner who is calm , patient and persistent!
He is not only what I call the "Cinch Master Extraordinaire" but is also a singer, picker, fiddler, lasso twirler and Poet.

No, I'm not ready to hang out a shingle after one cinch but in time when I get much better maybe one day I'll offer it as a product.
I am so hooked to this art now!
Thanks for a great clinic at our ranch Pop!