Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day To Remember !

A day to Honor all the service Men and Women that have given of themselves to make our lives in the United States of America Possible.

My 5Th Great Grandfather
William Sanford Pennington.
Served in the Revolutionary war, became 6Th Governor of New Jersey and finished as a Lawyer being a appointed Federal Judge of The United States.
My Grandfather Robert Pennington Evans
Enlisted and served 2 years US Calvary and his dream then became true to be United States Air force and was a 2ND World War Veteran.
He retired Air force and could not stay away from those airplanes and served under the employment of the Federal Civil service working around the world developing Military Airbases until his final retirement.
My Father David Nelson served U.S. Army.
He went on to become a tile contractor.
Horseman, fisherman, hunter, gardener and adventure in that he always looks still for a challenge and now in retirement has climbed Mt. Rainer, competed in Triathlons and what ever else his body will allow him to do at age 75.