Saturday, July 31, 2010

He's just so special to me!

Liz up on MFT Lucky, 7-2010

He may not be my horse, but I love him as much as if he was.

Lucky is the rehab horse I wrote about on my blog back on 9-1-2008.

Titled" Let it be a thing of the past".

He was almost lost to us all last year after I left him on my 2009 trip.

Lucky flipped a section of his colon and by some miracle without surgery it got re flipped back in place but not without some compromise to the circulation. So up until 2 months ago he was having many minor colic episodes.

It seems now the damage to the colon has rectified its self and he is doing great once again. It was a long year hearing the reports on his progress and I feared the worst in that he would not be with us this year when I went out to work with all the horses on this ranch.

How does one describe a relationship such as the one Lucky and I have?

He remembers me each and ever year, he gives me in return a loving greeting and to work we go.

We just get so absorbed in each other, we are just both so open to each other. What I ask he just gives 100% with no misunderstanding or resistance, the communication between us is so clean, clear.

Each year I add more to his knowledge base and he works so hard at finding it, getting it and executing it.

When we work on the ground or under saddle we are just one!

My heart just sings when we are together and when we finish each session he wraps his head and neck around my body like he is trying to hold me close.

Yet I still get very teary each time I look at the corners of his mouth seeing the cut scares from life in his past from bits used with mean, angry hands that just never understood or wanted to see how great and giving this talented wonderful horse is.

Why has he opened up to me and let me be his teacher and share our short time together each year, he has the right to have kept his door closed to all humans forever.

I know I have received a great gift and continue to from this very special horse named Lucky.