Saturday, July 17, 2010

Life and Times

The Greatest Horse Ever
This amazing piece of art named Rex stands at Sarah O'Dell Fredrickson of "Saddles That Fit"
on her horse training facility.
It's the amazing horses that bring us together!
Peggy Cummings, Liz Graves, Sarah O'Dell Fredrickson, Marty Tadtman
A rare occasion for all of us to spend a relaxing evening
sharing lots of good, a little bad , a little ugly and tons of magical in our adventures.
I think I ate until I almost busted of tapas, piaya and finished off with Chocolate torte served with drizzled caramel and a dusting of grey sea salt.
I now love grey sea salt!
A wonderful evening polished off with a shopping trip to the International market.
Thank you Sarah for making it all possible!
Marty and Sarah on main street Poulsbo, WA

Marty giving us the grin!

Main street Poulsbo WA
Life is great most of the time!
Just keep the crazy people away!