Saturday, April 2, 2011

Goings on!

Nancy Jurgensen , RMH Johnny, Tom Leventure

So much going on and some horses have gone home now.
Today Johnny graduated from basic training and went home with his owner Nancy.
Tom finished his training internship and was a delight to teach and have here on a daily basis, Dave and I both enjoyed him.
Sad news it seems everyone that comes here a lot ends up losing weight, so I'm sorry Tom and Eric to for turning you both into skinnier guys.

Teaching astride from Mia the Fell Pony
Thursday was Chiropractor day, so shown is Floyd getting his adjustment.
I really do encourage Chiropractic check ups on horses by quantified Doctors for horses.
Next week it's the hoof trimmer.
This is a Back mapping Tom and I did today on one of the horses. A great tool in learning to see and understand our horses bodies, also to track progress in physical rehabilitation's too.