Friday, November 18, 2011

Equine Affair MA 2011

Oh what an amazing weekend it was!
First a bit of history in that Equine affair started in 1994. This is their 18th year, and their 14th at the MA location. I did the first one in OH in 1994 when it was held in Dayton, OH when I still lived in VA , I was the sidesaddle clinician.
It has been a wonderful working relationship I have had with the staff over the years and am still in Ah of how well and easy they make my job at each event.
I would also like to thank friend Zeke Taylor and friend and family Sue Graves who I handed my camera off to and they did a wonderful job of getting photos for our memories.

The EA arena staff and I always have a lot of fun with each other and this year they started calling our session participants " Liz's Calvary". Oh little do they know our gaited family and how much they love to have a great time!
The last session of the weekend on Sunday evening the riders got together and decided to enter bearing the American flag and enter in formation. Steve 1st as flag bearer, Jen 2nd,Bob 3rd,Bonnie 4th and Kate 5th. The crowd and the staff were delighted!

Now in this photo I will have to point out a little about it for folks to understand.
Take notice of the white blob in front of Jen's horse Ranger her which I'm standing next to laying at his left front hoof. Also notice my face and hunched posture. Seems my razzing my east coast friends about not snowing here while they were receiving a very destructive snow storm made for a bit of revenge. Steve saved and made snowballs from that very storm and froze them in his freezer just for this event.
Yep they did!! Steve handed snow balls during the session , my having not a clue about what was about to happen. I got blasted!! Snowball storm indoors and the coolest part beside it being fun, but every single horse did not react to the snowballs flying, now that speaks loud and clear for our breeds and the quality of horsemanship and training of this group of horses. The spectators loved it!
Now this is a special photo to but I have to direct your eyes again to Steve first in the Red, white and blue shirt. Now notice in his hands is a longe whip with a piece of twine tied to the lash and along the right side of his horse DJ's head you will see a carrot tied to the twine. This seems to be a new and up coming big game sport called deep arena fishing. Steve had very good luck to as he caught Bobs Horse Bud the sorrel on the left with the carrot on the twine. I also saw them doing this at stalls out back and I believe in that case it's called deep stall fishing. Again the spectators were thrilled with the fun being had along with the education going on, but Bud was the happiest since he got the carrot.
Once again Jen dressed Ranger in Leopard print saddle pad and leg wraps knowing it's my very favorite print from my childhood in spending a lot of time around Oselot cats belonging to an adult friend of my Mothers. Never will I tire of that print.
Everything always comes together when our gaited horse family can get together and relax at the end of a great day of fun and work around a meal together. I had escargot and scallops which were awesome and made my taste buds dance.
Take note of the new woodpile member center table!
More to come later on that new adventure.
Signing off with a big smile after a great time!