Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lots Happening!

It's been very busy here so I am just am throwing up a bunch of photos this time of happenings.
This is such a little part of whats been going on here during a very perfect fall and I hope yours has been a wonderful.

Jeanne Learning the art of bosal on her mare Fancy
Liz with Major up
Liz with Stryker up
Jeanne with Fancy up
Jeanne riding our Quarter Horse mare Candy Cow Cody
Tony & Sissy with Marty playing in their pile of toys
Jeanne riding our TWH Mare Super Mans April
Jeanne & Pretty Boy Floyd all taped up keeping body alignment Maintenance happening
Wendy, Val & Marty , horse gals relaxing
Cordura/ leather saddle Dave just finished making
Pop Wagner & Dave spending a day in the shop working and playing with their dogs.
Wylie,Sissy and Tony