Thursday, March 6, 2008

Discovering That Journey Called Horsemanship
Elizabeth Graves
Copyright 2008
Break free from the traps, those of others and our own.
Seeing the reality before us,then try it and finally living it.
Honesty to ones self first, present honesty to the horse, this is when the door opens, and when a horse truly gives it's self over to you.
One never really finds this place until we enter the place of self-discovery, of what we are in our strengths, weakness's, admitting them, accepting them and working on them.
It is a place one starts to discover, learn ,grow, it's a place with no end.
In this place, horse and human are both teacher and both student, showing, giving and sharing with each other.
Each respects and reflects what the other has to offer.
True horsemanship is not of power or of control but of just being, allowing, learning to let happen in it's own time, when communication between two different species is clear, understood and reasonable to both.
True horsemanship has no place for trickery, hiding , or games, but opens up curiosities in each other,horse and human.
It brings understanding, while finding comfort in their own skins and with each other , rewarding with enjoyment in their time together.
It is in thinking WE not me when finding that working relationship with a horse.
More is not always better but less can be more.