Sunday, March 30, 2008

More On Horsemanship
Some Questions,
Some Thoughts,
and some of what I have
found for me.
What really is Horsemanship?
Do you think you know it?
Is it important to?
Do you want to be one of those truly trying to find it?
Are you one of those that try to destroy it in those that have it?
Are you one that does not get it but pretends too?
Are you one of those that denies it exists?
Are you one of those that are threatened that it exists?
Or just one of those that doesn't, but rides the wave of those that do?
One cant be a faker, a taker or breaker to get there.
It's about having the right attitude.
If you cant feel yourself , you cant feel your horse.
Ego, jealousy, hate, selfishness and anger will stop one from finding it.
Physical and mental abuse have no place in horsemanship.
What I have Found for Myself
The horse will tell you how well your doing by it's actions.
Making mistakes is part of learning and never deny when you make them, the horse knows anyway.
Don't miss seeing the willingness in the horse and reward it.
Reward any amount of try a horse presents and they will want to try some more.
Show the horse simple acknowledgement that they matter.
You will come to a place where you no longer care what other humans think or how they may try to influence your way of working, it will only matter to you what the horse thinks.
Believe, just believe.
You want to be a giver, as you want everyone to get it.
Touch the horse, you want to, you have to, you need to,you cant help yourself from doing so.
Elizabeth Graves
copyright 2008