Saturday, December 6, 2008

Equine Affaire MA 2008
The most important message I have to say about this event is my HUGE Thank you to 4 of the most ready awesome participants any
Clinician could ever ask for.
Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!!!!!!!
Jeniffer Johns and Ranger a TWH
Steve Louini and DJ a TWH
Vicki Haigh and Trav a MFT
Janet Aveni and Venessa a MFT
I know Friday was a very hard day and I threw a lot of complicated things at you all very fast but I so wanted you to have the new tools for the next steps in teaching your horses, your all ready and so are your wonderful horses.
To have students like the 4 of you all in one place was such a reward for me. Teaching is not always easy but when we get folks that come ready, with open minds and already having done so much good work with their horses you just cant help your self to want to give everything you have. To see them the very best they can be as they have the desire, the passion and have already proven to put forth so much work , with all the right intentions and nothing getting in the way of that.
I loved teaching you but also loved being a student with you as well.
Thank you with all my heart!!!!!!!!!!!
Liz Graves