Sunday, December 21, 2008

Photo By Dave Genadek 2008
Sun dogs
The above photo Dave took this morning right in front of the house, barns and shop of Sun dogs or also know as sun pillars. Never have I seen them till this morning but in photos.
What the camera caught looks very different than what the naked eye sees.
In the photo between the 2 outside lights makes it look transparent and a beautiful sunny day but to the naked eye the center is very dark and grey with the sun pushing through in the center and all around the out side the sky is white with high winds keeping a white film of new snow carried through the air. We had a blizzard here yesterday and it's -11 with wind chill of -38 here and are snowed in which I love actually.
Dave ran out in his PJ's , boots with no socks, and a car coat to get this shot and came in shouting "Now I know what it feels like to have your "Oh,oh's froze off". The ever dedicated photographer that will do any thing for a great shot and I thank him for it.
Horses are all snug in their stalls , chewing away and I'm playing with some new proto type stall spray and muzzle oil scents for a manufacture with the horses today.
Vet called with a question this morning and just as I suspected he's running him self hard today taking care of colicing horses not getting the care they needed or just stressed out in this kind of weather.

I know so many folks horses make it through just fine and some maybe lucky leaving thier horses out this kind of weather but it bothers me that they would have to. I'd rather have them in out of the wind and cold, not having to walk with snow balls packed in their hooves, fluffy bedding to lay on , warm water to drink and actually be comfortable. They seems so grateful to be in , it's so peaceful in the barn listening to them all chewing in contentment, playing with toys, soft happy nickers to each other and no one giving any indication of wanting to go out to the frozen tundra.
I love the feeling it gives me doing everything I can to make them very comfortable and content, it's just very fulfilling. This is the weather when they need us the most.

Momma Swallow feeding her babes
For those of you thinking spring here is a photo taken from our front porch this summer of a Barn swallow who made her nest on the porch which was an event to watch from start to this point. Always hungry and demanding bunch they we're.
Happy Winter and Holidays from Dave and Liz!