Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Awesome Cones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love working with cones giving horse students and people students a visual to direct them by.
1. I like the colors to direct human students through patterns easily.
2.The 15 inch height is perfect in cases such as half passing or side passing over, they don't touch the horses abdomen.
3.They are heavy enough that the wind does not blow them over , which we put to the test this past weekend at the workshop, yet light enough to easily to pick up and move around to new patterns.
The company that sells them has many fun creative patterns to challenge horse and human and keep both engaged.
These are my favorite cones by far and can be found at: www.horseswannahavefun.com

I also just discovered a great source right here in the Midwest for
soy oil supplement for horses.
Tim and Jenny Meyer
Cameron, WI