Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sharon and Her Paso Fino Mare Rita

The above video was taken in Northern CA at a private advanced clinic I do every year.

This is a group of folks in which we have been working diligently on the 5 essentials of horsemanship and putting them to new challenging tests to refine them.

Sharon is one of my favorite people to work with in that she is one of the most dedicated workers and knows she has to come through as a rider, for the horse to come through in performance.

She understands, to advance one must go to that new place and sometimes uncomfortable place known as "risk" and just go for the 'Try".

She has also and will again spend time here at Shades of Oak Ranch doing the trainers internship. Every time I work with her it's like the rest of the world just melts away for awhile and it's just she, the horse and myself encased in this wonderful bubble of living in the moment, sharing the experience and going for what ever direction our horsemanship takes us.

It's a great place to be!!