Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pkin and Liz
Pkin and his dog Friends

Photo By Dave Genadeck
6-20-1991 to 11-25-2009
It is sad news for Dave and I to share in that Pkin passed last night at age 18 after what was believed to be cancer. He died shortly after his evening soak in the tub while drying in front of the fire place, his favorite place where he could be warm and in the mix of the evening play time with Dave and the dogs.

It has been a great time we have shared with him. I acquired him in the state of Virginia at one day old and he was the size of a jumbo cotton ball.
He made the move with me back to my home state of Minnesota in 1995.
His best friend was "Softy" a female rabbit in which they were never apart until she passed at age 7 and he was with her till the end. He never would accept another rabbit as a friend again.
He hated other ducks and wanted no part of them, I'm not sure he ever really understood he was a duck.
His best horse friend was a little black mare I once owned named "Lacy" in which he would hang out in her stall and she would ever so gently rub his feathered back with her upper lip.
Lacy was here a couple of years ago for a saddle fit and I was gone
so I missed the short reunion. Dave took Pkin out to see her and I understand they recognized each other right off and we're happy to see each other again.
His least favorite acquaintance was a crow named 'Mangalo" which was brought to me by a farm family that found him as a tiny baby blown out of a tree for me to try and save. Which I did and raised Mangalo with Pkin and they were very jealous of each other . Mangalo would hide Pkins toys in the hay and drag Pkin around the barn floor using his beak by Pkins leg. Pkin was delighted when in time I was able to get Mangalo accepted
by a local crow community that lived on the back of the ranch property.
Pkin loved the dogs, being with them , playing with their toys and once in a while grabbing the hair on the back of their legs for a pull as they went by, his game of some kind in which they all understood was to be accepted.
For many years when I would push the wheel borrow around full of hay at feed time, right behind me would be Pkin waddling along, followed by Softy the rabbit and good old Duker Dog bringing up the rear. A rather fun site the neighbors got a big kick out of.
So in closing it's been a wonderful 18 years with him and we are so thankful to have had such a special duck as Pkin.