Monday, March 8, 2010

Class 2010
2010 Illinois Horse Fair

The Gait of Fox Trot/Liz Graves Clinician

A Big Thank you to Troy Tolan of for filming the above You Tube for all of us.

This past weekend was my second time doing the Illinois Horse Fair and once again it was a wonderful experience for me.

I have to say Thank you to Stacy Bowman again for doing a wonderful job of being Clinic coordinator and getting everything in order and making it run so smooth once again while making my job of teaching easy. I have not only enjoyed working with her but enjoy her company and have come to respect her as a wonderful ,very experienced horsewoman in her own right.

We had a great group of clinic participants once again and to watch them come together, have fun while learning, and making friends among each other at the same time makes it all the better.

I know I worked them very hard and they were pretty cooked by the end of 2 days but they never complained they were up for it as were they their wonderful horses.

This was a very good group of folks!!

Thank you to all the kind folks that came to our sessions and asked great questions that benefited everyone.

Liz Graves

copyright 2010