Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One of THOSE days!

Thank you Gail for this card yesterday, as it prepared me for today!

It was just one of those fabulous spring days here in MN, we certainly could be having a blizzard instead.
I've worked my horses, moved hay, raked my flower beds, gotten a lot done early.
I'm positive, happy and warm instead of shivering for a change and decide to go the 2 miles to town and pick up Dave's favorite rotisserie chicken for supper and wash the winters crud off my car.

So I'm busy in the car wash and through the door next to me in the next wash bay I watch a man back his horse trailer in the bay loaded with two horses.
In my mind I think"He's not going to do what I think he is?".
I poke my head in his bay and ask what he's up to?
He's going to unload his horses on slick surfaced,wet concrete and wash his horses with the pressure washer. Now this is a rickety rig at best and when he opened the trailer door to lead the horses out the trailer is full of old sloppy wet poop and rotten hay up past their fetlocks. Not a healthy looking couple of horses on top of it all.
This gentleman also is in no physical shape to handle these 2 very scared horses to get this job done.
Now in my work I've learned over the years to be patient and diplomatic with people, Ok to a point!
Even I have my limits when plain old stupidity presents it's self.
So staying calm I ask him if he knows this is a car wash , not a horse wash?
Calmly he answers back, yes he knows that.
I tell him he cant unload those horse on to that kind of surface and scare those poor horses more by hitting them with a pressure washer.
He said he did not care what I thought about it and he was going to do what he wanted with his horses. I'm envisioning these horses falling down at the least on the wet pavement, or worse and getting hurt, getting away from him and running out on to the busy highway out front of the car wash.
I'm having no effect on this fellow being calm and diplomatic.
Now you have to understand I'm 1/2 English, 1/4 Swedish and 1/4 Norwegian (the stoic part) and an introvert on top of it.
I'm in my head asking "how am I going to stop this?".
Others see now what is happening and I have no cell phone , I barrow one call the police and tell him I have done so. He does not stop and the first horse won't come out, thank goodness. No one could reason with him, so out appears the "inner Liz, my viking side" I did not know I had in me.
I start screaming at him at the top of my lungs like I'm being killed that it's cruel and in humane what he's about to do , bla , bla, bla with a few special words added of coarse. Loads of folks come running including the car wash owner.
The owner got him stopped and said he could not wash his horses in a car wash.
I didn't know I had that in me but all turned out Ok , at least for now for those 2 poor pitiful looking horses. I sure did not like that "inner Liz " though, scared myself!

This one I'm going to put up there with the fella that was going to teach his horse to load in a trailer with a skid loader.

Also the fella who pulled in our driveway with his mammoth mule tied to the back of the horse trailer. Having just jogged 6 miles tied there because it was smart enough to know it could not fit in the single horse trailer built for a quarter horse around 1950.

And last the woman who had a custom saddle build for her narrow built horse, put under the tires of her UPS delivery mans truck to run over it to make it wider to fit her other big tube shaped horse.
What next ????